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My high-school daughter has what I consider a terrible habit. She spends time in every class texting her friends. Is this likely to affect her learning? What can I do to convince her to stop texting? -- Too Much Texting
Answer: Contrary to what every teen thinks, multitasking is not a skill that most people have. Instead, the students are switching back and forth between listening to what is going on in the classroom and texting. This obviously interferes with their ability to pay attention.

My daughter's fifth-grade teacher never lets the children bring home graded papers until after a grading period is over. The teacher says that she does this because there are always parents who come in screaming after report cards are handed out that there is NO WAY their child earned these grades. If they do, the teacher can show them all the papers.
Our daughter does get to see and correct her test papers in class and will come home and tell us her grades. Just the same, we would like to see where she is excelling and falling short more frequently than every six weeks.

Which good teachers have the most impact on their students' achievement in high school? Is it math or English teachers? My children are lucky enough to have good teachers in both of these subjects this year. -- Good Teachers
Answer: The good teachers that most affect achievement in high school are English teachers. Not only do they affect achievement in English, they also affect achievement in mathematics. Researchers at Stanford University have found that the skills that English teachers teach carry over to math.

My daughter recently told me that two of her four children have been diagnosed with learning disabilities. Does this mean that they will never do well in school? Exactly what are learning disabilities? -- No Knowledge
Answer: A learning disability is one or more disorders that affect how children learn. The three main types of disorders are reading disabilities, written language disabilities and math disabilities. The general public needs to understand that having a learning disability does not mean that you have an intellectual disability.

I have two very young children -- a new baby, 5 months old, and an 18-month-old toddler. We have a slight history of hearing loss in our family, so I worry about the hearing of my two young children. The pediatrician says their hearing is fine. What should I do? -- Worried
Answer: You need to learn as much as you can about hearing loss. Visit the website of the Hearing Health Foundation ( Its mission is to prevent and cure hearing loss through groundbreaking research.

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