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My sophomore in high school is taking two AP courses. Should he take the AP exams later this year? -- Wondering
Answer: According to Mandy Ginsberg, CEO of, any student who is taking an AP class should take the corresponding exam while the material is fresh. Over 30 percent of high school graduates take at least one AP exam. So that means if your sophomore is currently taking AP biology, he should take the exam now and cross it off his to-do list.
AP exams this year will take place the weeks of May 2-6 and 9-13.

Last year I clocked the talent show at my children's elementary school at 90 decibels! Not one child was wearing hearing protection, including my own, only because I had never expected the performance to be so loud! I won't make that mistake again. The school made no attempt to lower the volume or provide hearing protection. The issue was not top of mind for them. On the other hand, there are strict rules about wearing helmets when riding bikes on school trips. How loud is too loud?

I know that supposedly, the bigger the vocabulary, the better the reader. So how do I go about building my children's vocabulary? -- Builder
Answer: You are definitely on the right track in wanting to help your children enlarge their vocabularies. Two of the best ways that all parents can do this is by talking a lot to their children and by reading with them every day.

My daughter has an IEP that is supposed to improve her attention problems at school. It isn't working. What am I to do? -- Panicking
Answer: Don't panic. There are ways to handle this all too common situation. Request that a meeting of your daughter's IEP team be held as soon as possible. Before the meeting, read the services that your daughter is supposed to be getting on the "service delivery page." Be sure to notice who will be providing these services and when they will be provided. It is also important for you to understand what accommodations your child should be receiving.

Our state has opted out of using the Common Core Standards. Instead, the schools will be following our own state's standards. What do you think the differences between the two standards would be in mathematics? -- Inquisitive
Answer: There may or may not be a substantial difference between the two sets of standards in math. In fact, the Common Core Standards were based on standards of the individual states. Before Common Core, states covered different math topics at different grade levels.

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