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How should I answer the question on college admissions applications about why I want to go to a specific college? Is it enough to say that you like the campus and the majors that are offered? -- Wondering
Answer: Most applicants tend to answer this question the way that you suggested. But this is very shortsighted according to Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff, an independent education consultant at She points out that every essay is a chance to go the extra mile.
Rachelle advises that you use this essay to bring the college into your life.

Where is a good place for my son in fourth grade to get some extra help in math? He is already falling behind the other children in his class. -- Help
Answer: Work with the teacher in finding ways to help your child. Find out if the teacher offers before- or after-school help in math. It is best to accept help from the classroom teacher first. Also, the teacher is a good resource for finding tutors. In addition, the local high school, college or university may have reasonably priced or free tutoring done by their students.
You also can look online for the Khan Academy.

My eighth-grader is totally unmotivated in school, and his report card grades definitely reflect his lack of effort. He is very bright and articulate; however, his grades are all C or lower. Nothing works! Do you have any suggestions on how to help us teach him how to raise his grades? -- Concerned
Answer: Parents, along with teachers, definitely do play an extremely important role in motivating children to learn.

I am concerned because my children's elementary school seems to have eliminated cursive handwriting instruction because it is not a Common Core Standard for the English language arts curriculum. Is this happening across the country? -- Not for Elimination
Answer: The Common Core Standards that were released in 2010 definitely put cursive writing in the backseat to keyboarding. These standards did not specifically require cursive instruction for elementary school students.

I am suspicious that my third grader could have a hearing problem. What signs could indicate that he could have a problems. - Possible Problem

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