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I want to attend a college with strong academics. At the same time, I'd like to find a college with a beautiful campus and great food. Is there any place where I can easily get this type of information? -- Applying to Colleges
Answer: There are all kinds of college ranking lists. The ones that are likely to give you the names of schools with the information you would like are Princeton Review's lists. They have listings of the top 20 schools in 62 categories.

I thought all young children were eager to learn. However, my first-grader is just not interested in school. Is there any way to motivate my young son? -- Unmotivated
Answer: You definitely need to be your son's motivational coach. When it comes to learning to read and write at this level, school as well as home activities need to be fun or at least enjoyable. Otherwise, it is possible to dampen or even kill children's desire to learn.
What is happening at your son's school? You might want to go and observe.

My daughter in third grade often gets embarrassed and distressed at school because she stutters at times. Most of the students and her teachers are very kind to her. Do you know of any materials that could be helpful for her to read? -- Stuttering Problem
Answer: The Stuttering Foundation has recently published an exciting book for children: "The Teacher Who Made a Difference." It should help your daughter feel good about herself. It is a story about a child who stutters and tells about how she was able to overcome some of the challenges of stuttering with help from a special teacher.

Our high-school gymnastics team wants to participate in a tri-state meet. The school will only pay our entry fee. We need money for food and a place to stay. The problem is we don't have time to sell stuff, as we practice so late every day. Do you have any good fundraiser ideas for high-school kids? -- Need to Make Money
Answer: To raise money, the gymnastics group is simply going to have to put in some time and effort, unless your parents want to take on this responsibility. Certainly there are far more ways to raise money than through door-to-door sales.

My daughter, a fourth-grader, is having a tough time getting her assignments completed in class. The teacher says she does not stay focused. Every night she has her classwork to complete along with her homework. She is always up past 10 every evening -- getting everything completed. How can we handle this problem? -- Worried
Answer: First, you need to talk with her teacher to find out what can be done to help her focus better in the classroom so that she can get more of her classwork completed.

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