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I thought that your readers needed to be reminded of the importanced of good communication with their children and teachers. Could you remind us of some of the best ways to achieve this? -- For Communication

How do you boost your children's spirits when they come home feeling low because something bad happened to them at school? -- Baffled
Answer: You want to avoid pooh-poohing what happened at school by saying things like, "That was nothing," or "You're making too much out of what happened." The child obviously thought that it was a big deal at the time.

I am a stay-at-home mom who is anxious to help my toddlers get a head start on learning. What is my best approach? -- Off to a Good Start
Answer: One of the best ways to start toddlers on the path to being a learning star is by talking to them. This is true whether you are with them all day long or have more limited time because you are a working parent.
It is sad, but true, that young children from poorer homes usually hear far fewer words than those from well-to-do homes. The difference in the number of words that are heard in an hour is absolutely enormous -- more than 1,000.

I would like some information about good programs for young gifted students. I am looking for programs for my second grade son who really needs to have more intellectual stimulation. Where can I find some solid sites online? -- Mother of a Genius
Answer: Your best immediate resources are local, not online. Find out from your child's teacher what he or she can do to offer more challenging assignments in the classroom. Also find out if the school has any special programs for gifted children.

I know we have Common Core Standards for English language arts/literacy and math. Are we going to have them for science, too? Will all schools then be teaching the same things? -- Would Like to Know
Answer: You are seeing into the future of education! Currently, language arts and math standards are taking center stage in Common Core. However, waiting just off stage ready to walk in are the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

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