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I remember when college students had to pay little or no tuition at many state schools. This is definitely not the case today in our state. Do any colleges still exist where tuition is free? -- No Tuition
Answer: There are very few tuition-free schools. In this group are the military academies for the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. Of course, students do have to sign up for several years of duty after graduating from these schools.
Both Forbes and U.S. News & World Report magazines have short lists of tuition-free schools in recent articles and on their websites.

I've had it with the public schools in our area. The homework load for my kids is beyond belief. It seems like most of their time is spent preparing for tests or taking tests. Can you tell me what some of the advantages of homeschooling my children might be? -- Disgruntled
Answer: When parents become dissatisfied with the local school, they tend to think of the homeschooling option since private schools are often just too costly.

Our 2-year-old daughter leaves the neighborhood children her age in the dust. She is so much more advanced intellectually. Not only is her vocabulary far more sophisticated, she can do simple addition problems without any difficulty. What should we look for in a preschool for our child? -- Very Advanced
Answer: When you look for a preschool, you need to remember that preschool is not a time for much school work.

Several years ago, I read in your column about a technique that can help some struggling readers advance to reading on grade level in as little as eight to 12 hours. It would certainly be a miracle worker for me if I could use this technique during the summer with my children, who are both reading below grade level. Where can I find out how to use this technique? -- Seeking Help
Answer: Summer is definitely a good time to shore up your children's reading skills. School is simply going to be a continual struggle for them if they can't read on grade level.

Our private school is giving absolutely no instruction in keyboarding. Children are expected to pick up this vital skill during the summer by using one of the many keyboarding programs that are available online. My children in grades 3 and 4 made little progress last summer. How can I help them do better this summer? -- Learning to Keyboard
Answer: As we all know, today's children spend a lot of time on the computer. What we really want is for them to learn to keyboard before they develop their own hunt and peck system.
There are a great number of keyboarding programs that are free online.

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