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Ever since my son was a toddler, we have believed that he would go to college. He has consistently been a B or better student in high school. I read about all these kids who are not ready for college and have to take remedial classes in math and/or English during their freshman year. How do we know our son is academically prepared for college? -- Anxious
Answer: Last year the National Assessment of Educational Progress released test results that showed dismal results in the number of students prepared for college. So your concerns are right on target.

This year, my daughter, a high-school sophomore, has really studied for tests. She re-reads the material and then reviews several nights before the test. Unfortunately, the new material doesn't stick, so she rarely gets better than a low B grade on tests. It seems to me that she is doing everything that she can to prepare for tests. Do you have any suggestions that might help her get better grades? -- Studying a Lot
Answer: A great number of educators endorse the study techniques that your daughter has been using.

How can I help my teenage daughter manage stress? -- HELP
Answer: As parents we know that stress is a part of daily life. Some stress is healthy; however, most teenagers do not cope well with handling stress. You will need to help your daughter learn some coping techniques so that she does not get totally overwhelmed! Some things that you can do are:
--Be an active listener. Give her your undivided attention. Let her know that you want to understand; you must listen with empathy and hear what she is telling you.

My son is in first grade and is struggling to understand graphing. Can you give me some techniques to use to introduce children to graphs? -- Want to Help
Answer: The techniques used to introduce children to graphs are very simple ones. Children draw graphs based on the results of an experiment. Then they ask questions about the results of the experiment, answering with information shown in their graphs.
The following activities acquaint children with the construction and interpretation of pictographs. For the first activity you will need a small package of M&M candies and a piece of paper.

What is the best major for a child to study in college today? -- Curious
Answer: The truly best major for a child really boils down to what he or she is interested in and what lifestyle the child wants. Undeniably, some college majors result in far higher paying jobs than others. Here are Time magazine's list of the best- and worst-paying careers:

The Best Paying
10. Mining and Mineral Education
9. Metallurgical Engineering
8. Mechanical Engineering
7. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
6. Electrical Engineering
5. Chemical Engineering
4. Aerospace Engineering

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